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A story of kindness

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Meet mei & co.

Mei & Co is passionate about sustainability with skin-friendly products of natural ingredients like handmade soap and skin care products.

Harnessing the powerful nutrients of the Earth with 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals, phosphates, sodium lauryl sulphates or parabens, we aim to reduce the human-made chemicals and additives in our daily lives.

Australian made and cruelty-free, Mei & Co’s product range is especially handmade with love and passion even down to the sustainable packaging. Skin-friendly products of natural ingredients are the optimum for our skin as chemicals are absorbed into us through our skin to some degree.

Our handmade soap comes in a range of different natural ingredients from Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, Coconut, almond and Aloe Vera to Lemongrass to Argan oil. We are committed to eco-friendly, 100% natural ingredients among our handmade soaps and we aim for skin-friendly rather than the harsh toxins of chemical-based soaps.

Our Beauty range is Vegan, and use Australian oils, Fruits and Extract to nourish your skin. 

Be kind to your skin and to the Earth and check out our range of handmade soap and Vegan Beauty products.  

no chemicals, no phosphates,

no sodium lauryl sulphates, no parabens

nourishing cleansing bars

100% natural ingredients make up our beautifully handmade soaps which are skin-friendly, nurturing your skin.

Committed to sustainability and chemical-free products, Mei & Co’s exquisite soaps are not only handmade and skin-friendly but they comprise essential oils and herbs to rejuvenate you and bring back that life-flow energy, Qi.

Natural ingredients such as Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Cherry Blossom, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Frangipani are just some to mention but we have a plethora available of handmade soaps with various ingredients.   


cold process

Harnessing a cold process method to craft our handmade soaps means all the natural goodness and nutritiousness of the base oils and essential oils are retained.

Saponification or soap making is a wonderful process by which when handmade with love and passion makes Mei & Co proud to stock the products that we do. During this process, natural glycerine is produced and remains in the soap bar which acts as a natural moisturiser so you can feel great with smooth and hydrated skin.

Being skin-friendly and comprised of 100% natural ingredients means our homemade soaps are unique blends with heart and soul invested in them.

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