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skin care

australian made using natural,nourishing ingredients

100% vegan, ethical & cruelty free

No parabens, sls, synthetic or artifical materials

packed in sustainable packaging

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Mei & Co. skin care range is designed to protect your precious skin, and be kind to the earth by using naturally derived ingredients that are sustainable and ethical. Our products contain Australian Oils, Fruits & Extract, Aromatherapy Oils and natural preservatives such as Lemon Myrtle Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Olive Leaf, Thyme & Rosemary Extract to provide superior benefits to your skin.

The Mei & Co. skin care range contains  products for essential cleaning routine a girl needs every morning and night. We recommend a simple 3 step routine consists of Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. First clean your face properly using Hydrating Cleansing Milk, followed by Refreshing Toning Mist to lock the moisture in your skin. Moisturise with Vitamin C Serum to create a base to enable effective absorption of your Firming Peptide Cream. Finish with intensive eye cream applied around the eyes, all the way to the temple which is an area we tend to omit. When moisturised, extend the use of serum and cream to the neck just above your collarbone. The neck is also an area that we tend to forget. It exposes to the sun and dirt as much the face, so it needs the same amount of love and care! 

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Natural Skincare ProductS

Purchase Your Natural Skincare Products From US

If you want to add natural skincare products to your self-care routine, you can count on Mei & Co with second to none options. We carry an excellent selection of skincare merchandise that will help to bring out your skin’s natural glow.

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Benefits of Vegan Skincare Products

Did you know that our skincare pack is 100% vegan friendly? Here are some benefits of using a vegan skincare product: 


  • Excellent for sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, you may feel limited in the products that you can use. Our skincare items incorporate several natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin, making them ideal not only for clients with sensitive skin but any skin type.

  • Cruelty-free: Unfortunately, several skincare companies first test their products on animals as part of their experimental phases. Our vegan products are cruelty-free, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re using something good for your skin and buying an item from a company that cares about the well-being of animals.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging: We believe it’s essential to supply you with vegan-friendly and ecologically friendly products, which is why our merchandise comes in sustainable packaging; it means that you can toss your bottle in the recycling bin when it’s empty.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Skincare Gift Sets

Whether you’re giving one of our gift sets as a present to someone else or you’re getting something special for yourself, there are several things that you can do to make the most out of the purchase. A couple of suggestions that we recommend include:

  • Read through the product descriptions: Every person has their preference for the items they use on their skin. Before you finalise your purchase, we strongly recommend that you read through the description of each product in the set to ensure that you’re getting something that you or the lucky recipient can enjoy.

  • Be conscious of shipping and delivery times: If you need a gift set by a specific date, we suggest that you place your order sooner rather than later. Although we begin to fill your order as soon as we receive it, it could take anywhere between two to ten business days to reach you. To avoid not having your order in time, be sure to complete your order at least two weeks ahead of the time that you need it.

  • Ask questions: If this is your first time ordering from us or you’ve never bought skincare products before, you should take the time to speak with us about your options. Whether you need further explanation about our ingredients or have questions about the best products based on your skin, our team can always advise you on your options to feel comfortable with your order.


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About Mei & CO

When you need top of the line skin care products, the Mei & Co team has you covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our options for a skincare package.

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