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Green Vegetables

about LIS & KEIF

Passionate about sustainable living, we offer stylish and eco-friendly products so that waste in landfill can be reduced. By altering our behaviour and committing to eco-friendly products and lifestyle, we can change help contribute to changing the impact upon the climate.

Making stylish, eco-friendly products affordable and with the knowledge that you are helping achieve sustainable living, Lis & Keif is dedicated to being environmentally-conscious and helping you achieve this too.

The fact that our products are not only eco-friendly but stylish as well means you can afford aesthetically-pleasing soap holders, utensils and coconut bowls plus more that will complement your home beautifully.


Committed to sustainability, Lis & Keif’s products are comprised of natural materials like bamboo, acacia wood, coconut shell and cotton. Zero waste is our motto and we believe that positive steps such as eco-friendliness will help the climate. We also sell stainless steel products that are reusable and thus great for the environment. Loofah is one our favourites as well and reflects our promise to be eco-friendly. 

Cotton Branch
Jewelry Making



With the environment and people in mind, our products are sourced from ethical manufacturers which means you are engaging with sustainability and ethical principles when you purchase from Lis & Keif. Raw materials in the supply chain to manufacturing means our products are comprised of natural materials and we believe in zero waste. 

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