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Eco friendly Soap dish

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Today is a very exciting day for Mei & Co. We are launching an Eco Friendly Soap Dish to break down the barrier of using soaps so consumers will return to the category, not just to Mei & Co.'s soaps!

If we haven't converted you back to soap from the last blog "why Soap over liquid wash?" where we reminded you that when you buy liquid wash you are paying for water and plastic containers that end up in landfill......then......this soap dish can hopefully convert you!

This Eco Soap Dish is made from a naturally occuring mineral from the earth called Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is extremely porous, therefore has a strong ability to absorb water quickly. It extends the life of your soap by drying it quickly after each use, so you can say goodbye to soggy soaps. Keeping the soap dry also prohibit bacteria and mould growth for a safe and clean environment.

You also have early access to our latest Bundle Special: Buy 2 Trio Boxes and Eco Soap Dish for $29. This deal automatically gives you Free Shipping.

To read the last blog again click here:

Happy Washing with Soaps! :)

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