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Embrace a different way of Easter Celebration

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Easter is very different this year as we “stay home and stay safe” to help flatten the curve…. but we can still play Easter Egg hunt around the house with special "Jelly Easter Eggs".

I want to share this Jelly Easter Eggs idea with you which I used to make when I was a little kid.

You will need up to 3 flavours of Jelly Crystals and a dozen of fresh eggs, a few hours of your time if you have it.

1) Prepare Liquid Jelly according to Jelly crystal instructions on the package.

2) Poke a hole in the small side of the eggs, empty out the egg yolks and egg whites into a container. Rinse empty eggshells with water and put back into the egg container.

3) Pour the first flavour of Jelly liquid into each eggshell (use a small funnel if you need), chill for a couple of hours.

4) Repeat Step 3 with the second and/or third Jelly flavours.

5) You can make just one Jelly flavour if you have little patience.

6) A few hours later you will have a dozen of Jelly Eggs ready to do their tricks.

You can hide these eggs around the house so the kids can go for a hunt, or surprise the kids in the morning with the Jelly eggs serve as boiled eggs for breakfast, or trick them to having eggs for dessert after dinner. They will discover beautiful translucent multilayer Jelly Eggs as they peel off the eggshell. Have your camera ready for the reactions. :)

There is still time for Jelly Crystals and Eggs shopping.

Have a great Easter!

PS for the egg yolks and egg white… you can check out this link for inspiration.

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