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Eco friendly Bamboo Towels are made from 100% natural bamboo fiber. It is super absorbent and durable.  Jumbo size makes it a versatile cleaning cloth for kitchen, bathroom and general household surfaces. It is especially effective in cleaning up spills from kids (and adults!)


These bamboo towels are washable, therefore can be reused. They can be washed for up to 80 times without losing it's cleaning effectiveness. Dispose in the bin at the end of it's life as they are degradable.


Swap from single use paper towels to reusable bamboo towels to save trees :)


Each Towel is jumbo size : 30.5cm x 27cm compare to standard Paper Towel at 23 cm x 21cm


What do you save?

1) The Planet

2) Money for the long run, see below bonus quick calc:

$2 per 60 sheets paper roll = $0.034 per sheet per single use

$15 per 25 sheets bamboo roll = $0.6 per sheet per 80 uses

Each use for bamboo towel is $0.0075

Saving is 4.5x when switch to Bamboo Towels




Eco Bamboo Reusable Towels (25 sheets) | Degradable

SKU: L00066 RKPT
  • Recommend handwash to prolong life & durability.

    Machine Washable

    Dispose with general waste

    Do not flush down the toilet

  • 100%  Natural Bamboo Fiber