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This Stainless Steel Storage Box comes in slick Matte Gold Or Rose Gold Finish. The lunch box contains a top layer that seperates your protein and carb until you are ready to consume your lunch. Keep your food fresher for longer.


The top layer for your protein and sauces, bottom layer for carb like rice, noodles, pasta. 


Made from food grade stainless steel, these reusable boxes reduce our reliance on plastic material. The lid of the container has a handle that helps lift the lid with ease. 



  • Food grade stainless steel (304 Stainless steel) with Stainless Steel Lid
  • Durable construction
  • Size of Container: 16cm (L) x 12cm (W) x 8.5cm (H)
  • Height of Inner layer 2.5cm



Stainless Steel Storage Box | Matte Gold or Rose Gold

Lunch Box Colour

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