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The beautiful cup is made from natural Jujube Wood with a dark brown outer paint. Jujube wood is a Chinese Date Tree, some call it the "iron tree". The wood is hard, heavy, strong and very durable, with fine structure and texture with a reddish color. It is durable and light weight, scratch, and water resistant.  It is an eco-friendly material for preparing or serving food.


Jujube trees are very precocious. They bear flowers the same year as planting or grafting. Most cultivars will produce a few fruits in the second year. After 4 to 5 years, jujubes will have a reasonable yield.


Each piece is sanded and coated with a natural lacquer.


Internal Diameter: 7cm

Height 7.5 cm


This is a natural product, colour and texture may vary from plate to plate.

    Eco Friendly Jujube Wooden Tea Cups Dark Brown (Set of 2)

    SKU: L00249 BKJU x2
    • Clean your plate after every use.

      Wash plates with a scrubbing pad in warm soapy water. Rinse well under clean warm water. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

      Store in dry and cool place.

      To keep your wooden plate looking new, oil your utensils with food grade mineral oil and allow to thoroughly dry before use.

    • Natural Jujube Wood (Chinese Date Tree)

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