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Adapt to Winter Skin Care Regimen now

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Winter is officially here! Like changing our wardrobe for different seasons, your skin needs a care routine change during the winter months.

Use natural skin care products to cleanse and moisturise. Gentle fragrance-free cleanser can protect your skin from exposing to harmful chemicals and additives that damage the natural barrier of your skin and make it vulnerable to skin conditions.

One of the important routines in winter is gentle exfoliation. Not only it feels good to massage your face and body, the botanicals or food husk as natural exfoliant helps remove skin’s dead cell. The buffing of the skin prepares it for effective moisturising. When you put moisturiser on your skin, the product can penetrate your skin for maximum effectiveness.

Limit the time you spend in shower and bath. I know it is very tempting to stay under warm running water in the shower or linger in the bath in winter. But do not overdo it, keep it to under 15 minutes. Exposing your skin and hair in hot water for a prolong period will have its natural oil strip away and cause your skin and hair to become dry.

We have a few handcrafted moisturising soap bars made from natural ingredients that help you care for your skin in winter.

Argan Oil Bar. Argan oil contains antioxidant property to help restore the skin’s natural radiance. Its Anti sebum effect helps regulate amounts of sebum on the skin to reduce oiliness. It is Anti-aging property can improve skin elasticity. Our Argan oil bar contains Lavender, Chamomile & Rosemary essential oil for extra nourishment and add a natural scent to the Soap Bar.

Our Nutty Trio that contains Coconut Bar, Almond and Aloe Vera Bar, Goats Milk and Macadamia bar. Our Coconut Bar contains shredded coconut for gentle exfoliation, Almond and Aloe Vera bar has a calming effect on the skin, together with Almond oil that deeply cleanse whilst retain the balance of your skin’s natural oil. Perfect for dry weather in winter. Goats Milk and Macadamia bar has all the benefit a goat milk soap bar user asked for, rich in fatty acids and vitamin A, it gently clean your skin and help support a healthy skin barrier to keep your skin nourished and moisturised. The macadamia oil in our soap bar provides vitamin E which aids absorption and leave your skin feeling moisturised after use.

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