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How to maintain blemish free, glowing skin and what to do when you get blemishes?

Clear, radiant skin is highly sought after in any age. We all have experienced some kind of spots, discoloration, mark or flaw on our skin at some point in time! Sometimes the cause was internal due to hormone changes, lack of sleep or stress. Sometimes blemishes are caused by external factors such as sun exposure, hot weather and harsh skin care products with incorrect cleaning methods. The good news is, there are actions we can take to minimise blemishes like acne and rashes, age spots and melasma caused by external factors. Blemish free, clear skin is very achievable! you would be surprised as to how easy and effortless it is to implement a few simple routines to get glowing complexion.

Below are a few tips to help you to clear and radiant skin. 😊