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Clay, a star component in skin care

Clay, a star component in Skin Care and one that is leading the way to remove impurities is an optimal choice for many people.

Clays are natural minerals from the Earth’s crust. Formed by erosion of granite rocks, broken down to smaller particles, they eventually became fine-grained Clay. The transformation occurred over geology and time and Australian geology provides an abundant range of Earth minerals.

Clays have been used in skin care products for centuries due to its cleansing and purifying properties. Its beautiful colours used as natural colourants, it is a wonderful Earth mineral and splendid to use for gentle exfoliation. Clays remain a large part of our modern-day beauty routine; it is an important ingredient used in cosmetics, face masks, cleanser, scrubs, and soaps.

Clay’s mineral structure helps removes excess oils and toxins from the skin and acts with gentle exfoliation of the skin to remove dead cells. After deep cleansing, clay nourishes your skin and boosts circulations; it is a healthy product to use and well worth buying.

There are many different types of clays as Earth minerals. The different compositions give them different colours and unique benefits which are splendid to use on the skin to remove impurities.