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why Soap Over Liquid Wash?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Natural handmade soap is gaining more attention in recent years. Consumers are being more environmentally conscious; they are making careful choices about what they consume inside their body and on their skin. Besides quality ingredients, one of the factors that influence their purchase decisions are the type of packaging they bring home with the products.

What are the benefits of using soap vs body wash?

Natural soap base is made from quality oils, butter and essential oils. These natural ingredients remove impurities and toxin from your skin without stripping away the natural oil. Thanks to the Glycerine in soap that retains the moisture in your skin. On the other hand, surfactants added in commercial liquid soap and body wash dries your skin and disrupts your skin’s natural balance. Glycerine in liquid soap is often removed to make lotion as a secondary product.

Soap does not require preservatives to stay effective, whilst commercial liquid products require preservatives due to the water content in the products to stay fresh. Buying liquid soap means you are also paying for water!

Bonus is soaps do not come in plastic containers that ended up in landfill.

Last, but not least, you are supporting small businesses, so your purchase makes a difference.

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